Let’s Blog Parteeh!

After missing a whole lot of blogging events, I’m making good on my plan to be more active in the local blogging scene. Join me at the blogparteeh!

Let’s meet up if you want to make the move from a blogger/commenter/reader/lurker to a real-life community member.

We’d like to thank those who made this possible:
This event is sponsored by: Sheero Media Solutions, MyJournal Philippines, FeedText, Inc., Migs Paraz, A Bugged Life, The Blog Herald, b5media blog network, About My Recovery, Pinoy.Tech.Blog, Enthropia, Inc., Krispy Kreme Philippines, GMA New Media, Awesome Philippines, Codamon.com, Boracay.com.ph, Recipes.com.ph, WebMaster.com.ph, Bouncing Red Ball, Bo Sanchez, Microwarehouse Inc.

BlogParteeh07 Donors:
Marc Javellana, Bubba Gump, e-YellowPages, Adobe User Group – Philippines, Weddings @ Work, Google Philippines, Hinge Inquirer Publications


9 Responses

  1. Hey Migs. I look foward in catching up with you! Attend ako!

  2. Migs OT. I can’t seem to find your blog’s search box. Tinanggal mo? Tried searching via site:paraz.com but couldn’t find the post I wanted to link to…

  3. […] a party where bloggers can talk to other bloggers about, well, blogging, of course… where they can rub elbows with blogging community bigwigs like Abe Olandres, Janet Toral, and fellow PLUG member Migs Paraz… […]

  4. Darnit, I knew you mentioned about it early this week, but I didn’t register. Oh well, hopefully there’ll be more of these.

  5. Hey Migs! Remember me? I’ll see you at the parteeh tom! πŸ™‚

  6. […] i was able to renew friendships with former officemate Janet and fellow Linux advocate Migs, and at the same time, have a new network of friends… new friends [and blogrolls] like Jozzua and AJ who apples and i shared a table with… wacky Piere and yosi-pal Dotep, and many others!! […]

  7. Hey! Nice meeting you! πŸ™‚

  8. Hey you too… and all Blog Parteeh attendees!

  9. Congratulations on the successful Blog Parteeh ’07. Would love to do a link exchange with you. (nostalgiamanila.blogspot.com) Good work, keep it up!

    –Nostalgia Manila

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