Mobile Phone History

The mobile phones I have used through the years…

  • Motorola MicroTAC. Used this with Piltel’s Mobiline AMPS analog service.
  • Nokia 5110. The classic Nokia. Left it in a FX taxi and lost it along with my first prepaid Globe number.
  • Panasonic GD45. This one looked like a toy.
  • Panasonic GD90. This looked like the essential “J-Phone” of the time. Very small and the lightest battery ever, so light on battery life too.
  • Nokia 7110. The first WAP phone. I broke the spring slider at some point.
  • Siemens C45. This had nice ergonomics. I think I killed the battery, though, since it also had bad life eventualy.
  • Nokia 3530. The first color phone from Nokia I believe. My first taste of J2ME and GPRS. This lasted me a long time.
  • Sony Ericsson K700i. This is sossy looking and the GPRS EDGE is fast enough. I was late to camera phones – this wsa my first at 640×480.
  • Nokia N80. Feature-packed, WiFi is great, battery not so. Bulky, but I still managed to lose it.
  • Nokia 1100. This is nice, the utility of the 3310 back in the day but in a small package and a low price.
  • Nokia N70. I wrote the pink N70 is still good, I got this from someone, but I gave it to someone else, because I find S60 too cumbersome and the phone is too big now that I need to carry 3 phones.

The three phones I now use are:

  • Nokia 6233. My main 3G phone now. Used for the office plan.
  • Nokia 6070. This feels like classic Series 40. Heavier but more useful than the 1100 it replaces. Used for my personal number, +639209054981.
  • Nokia 6100. A classic from 2002, still good. Still Nokia’s lightest ever. I use this for a Globe prepaid SIM, for UNLIMITXT.

What phones have you used? Which ones stand out?


17 Responses

  1. Let’s see:

    1. An analog cellphone (I think it was a Motorola). Really heavy and bulky. “Used” it during 1st year college.
    2. The classic Nokia 5110.
    3. The slightly classic Nokia 6150.
    4. Nokia 6610. (
    5. Nokia 6030. (

    I’m using that last phone currently. Yes, I seem to be a Nokia loyalist. Also, I think I’ve been using the same Globe number for the past 7 years. And I’ve never had multiple phones/accounts at a time.

  2. Did you get to use an iMode phone or some other hitech gizmo phone in Japan?

    6070 is about the same as 6030, I read that the 6080 is still along the same line. Your post answers my question why Windows could not detect the data cable. So why does the Pop-Port physically fit? Well, Nokia in their wisdom…

    Good for you, you kept the same number. Me, let me think back…

    • Mobiline postpaid – dropped it when I switched to GSM
    • Globe prepaid – lost it with the 5110
    • Globe office postpaid – surrendered when we quit the company (messy story)
    • Globe prepaid – I let it get deactivated
    • Smart postpaid – got it with the 3530, still have it now +639209054981
    • Smart office postpaid – got it with the N80, lost it, but had it replaced
    • Globe prepaid – bought the other day. Came with GlobeLive push messages… gimmick!
  3. I had the very old (I forgot the model number) gray Nokia phone with the pull out antenna and neon green screen? Sa Islacom pa dati. By the time I brought it with me to Ateneo, everyone had 5110s πŸ™‚ After the 5110 phase, I shifted to 7110. Then had some SE phones. Then back to Nokia then…wala na! Ayoko ng makipagsabayan! πŸ™‚

  4. I’m a fan of cheap models.

    1996 Mitsubishi Analog Postpaid Mobiline
    1998 Motorola GSM Prepaid from Globe
    1999 Alcatel OneTouch
    2000 Ericsson A1018s
    2001 Nokia 5110
    2002 Nokia 3210
    2003 Nokia 3310
    2004 Nokia 6150
    2005 Nokia 6610
    Di na rin ako nakipagsabayan.

  5. All my life I had bought only two cellphones–a Nokia 5110i and a 3120. Both are still in use with the 5110i acting as reserve and possibly for making anonymous calls and texts. What really matters to me are the quality of contacts and communications.

  6. I really wouldn’t care about high end models, but then: I need the capability to try new software – part of my job, and, I don’t have a discrete digital camera.

  7. I had one of those Motorola microtac phones — heavy little bugger — using Mobiline prepaid. Very long talk time on that one. I remember this because my (ex-) girlfriend used to call me long-distance through that phone. Telebabad to the max. Hehe.

    Anyway: Mobiline prepaid then sucked. I had to dial the access code that would connect me to their system, which then prompts for the prepaid card’s PIN, then the number to call. Hay… Very good for emergencies. πŸ˜‰

  8. I remember using Mobiline prepaid… not sure if it was on the Microtac or on another phone.

  9. i am on the cheap.

    Nokia 5110 (hand me down from the office and returned it to them)

    Nokia 3230 (another hand me down and i left it somewhere and it never came back)

    Nokia 6130i (got it with my first Globe plan and still with me)

    SE K608i (got it with my first Smart plan and still with me)

    … and i did not buy any of these phones πŸ˜‰

  10. To answer your question, Migs, I didn’t get to use any high-tech 3G phone in Japan. But the people in my company who get assigned there for one year inevitably get their own 3G phones. They’re quite useful little buggers. You can check out train schedules there. =)

    As for the data port of the 6030, I think it’s only there for tech support diagnostics and maybe firmware updates. I still haven’t hunted for a data cable. πŸ˜›

  11. The 6030 has data capabilities although the software and cable for that are unofficial. The Q has lotsa cables for various cellphones that work very nicely.

  12. I was fooled! With no cable, and no bluetooth, I guess MMS is the only way to take pictures out. Operator-friendly phone!

  13. My next phone will be a Netgear SPH200D.

  14. Interesting. Has anyone successfully purchased Skype credit from the Philippines for SkypeOut or SkypeIn?

  15. Yes, indirectly from a HongKong middleman website.

  16. Dear Sir.I am sri lanka. my cim card do not copy curectly.after 60 minut. Can”t found out ki,the algorithm may not be COMP128-1. why it Please help me. bcbowatta (

  17. Can you now buy Skype credits from the Philippines?

    Incidentally, there is now is the 3 Skype phone.

    And, I have added another phone. I am now using a Nokia E65. I was planning to publish a full review, but then, I barely use the full capabilities of this phone.

    bcbowatta, sorry I have no idea about your SIM problem.

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