Down to Series 40 on the 6233

My affair with smartphones is taking a break. I gave up the N70 – why? I’ll share the reason later.

I’m now on the 6233. I followed Abe and Migs. While I could live without the S60 “smart” features,  I miss task switching. Java ME (J2ME) is enough for apps. I don’t think I need flash on the camera.

I haven’t taken enough photos and videos to judge the quality. The stock 64 MB MicroSD card won’t let you record 640×480 video – I should buy a larger one.
Why this phone? I didn’t want to spend too much on a N73. I might save up for an iPhoneN95, or N76.

Why Nokia? To make it easy to text SMS messages on my other phone, which is a Nokia 1110. That’s about the cheapest new handset available. My other phone is only for calling/texting.
Did I lose out by buying a “Featurephone” and not a Smartphone? I hope not. Besides, it seems like the iPhone will be a “Featurephone” without third-party app support.

As a phonecam photographer, I hope Nokia puts autofocus + flash on Series 40 devices, and not just save it for the S60 N73 and N95.


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