Switch to FeedBurner Metrics complete

To continue with my last blog upgrades, all 3 blogs running Performancing Metrics have switched to FeedBurner.
What I’m missing:

  • Pages with Adsense clicks

What needs improvement:

  • More search signatures (e.g. Ask.com)
  • Show all (or at least 100) top pages/traffic sources/outgoing links, not just 20.
  • Internal links are reported. (well some people want to track that…)
  • Integration with feeds. Did I convert a searcher or a referrer into a subscribe? Compare mine () with my goal (). That’s Bossing Abe of course.

Perhaps they are saving the premium site features for a Pro account?


3 Responses

  1. Hi Miguel,

    Thank you so much for the site stats feedback. I will be sure that the dev and design teams see it.

    With regards to showing you the conversion from site visitors to feed subscribers: this would be difficult to do since feed subscriptions are anonymous and we don’t know if the visitor to the site is the same one who subscribed. Make sense?

    However, there is a fairly good way to track this now. You can watch your outgoing link clicks to see how many people click your feed link. Of course there are drawbacks to this approach (they may see the feed and not subscribe for example) but it will give you a rough idea of interest in your feed after reading your site.

    If you have any questions or more feedback please send it my way. Take care and thanks for using FeedBurner!


    Eric Olson
    Publisher Services – FeedBurner
    E-mail: erico@feedburner.com
    Office: 312.756.0022 x2034
    Mobile: 508.335.9221
    Skype/AIM: EricJohnOlson

  2. i noticed your mybloglog. i installed it but can’t seem to make it work. it’s now been activated but it doesn’t appear as a widget in my wordpress dashboard. what’s wrong?

  3. maybe it is because you did not add the mybloglog stuff into your page. i just use the javascript version which is simpler.

    i am too lazy to get automatic to work.

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