Now back on RimuHosting VPS

I’m on the RimuHosting MiroVPS2. I have used this Virtual Private Server provider a couple of years ago, then stopped because I didn’t need a high end service (relative to the usual shared hosting), and because I was running out of memory. Since that time, RimuHosting shifted from UserModeLinux to Xen and increased the memory allocation.

I find it a hassle to use FTP and web-based file managers to handle files on CPanel. The GridServer, which I gave up on and cancelled, did allow ssh. This is a “fun” server, just to host blogs and other experiments, so I chose Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake LTS. (My home desktop is on 6.10 Edgy.) RimuHosting does have a RHEL respin option, which I would choose if and when I run a production service.

These are the steps I did to move migrate blog from Media Temple to the RimuHosting VPS:

  • mysqldump’d the WordPress database and scp’d it.
  • scp’d the WordPress files.
  • added the virtual domain to the VPS /etc/apache2/sites-available, and symlinked to ../sites-enabled.
  • started mysqld.
  • used mysql command line to read the dump files.
  • edited wp-config.php to update the MySQL configuration. (now back on localhost – GridServer used a remote shared db)
  • went to the DNS hosting provider’s control panel and pointed the A records to the new IP. Fortunately the DNS TTL they use is short.

And that’s it!

Not so fast. WordPress permalink writing wasn’t working. I thought it was a broken .htaccess, or a broken Apache configuration. It was due to mod_rewrite (and most modules) not enabled by default in Ubuntu.


3 Responses

  1. Hmm. I don’t remember enabling mod_rewrite in my VPS. I just fiddled with my Apache config. Will check again when I install Edgy in Swallow.

    Would the RHEL respin be better than using CentOS? I seem to recall O&B’s VPS (before) was on the Rimu RHEL 😛

  2. […] I host a few domains at Yahoo! Small Business. This offers domain registration and zone hosting, plus integration with Y! services which I don’t use. It’s relatively expensive at $9.95 per domain/year, but when I first signed up they had a promo (was it $2?). I also thought it was worth the price for high availability. Yesterday, I noticed was down when I tried to migrate it. I checked with ‘dig’ and, Yahoo!’s hosting server, was not responding. I checked with the Pingability service: the server is down. It looks like a Yahoo! server failure […]

  3. […] Ruby on Rails is another “hot” technology I’ve been meaning to pick up. I bought an ebook of Pragmatic RoR programming. This is for the time, if and when, I get to build a “web 2.0″ style app. I do have the host after all and it’s only used to host blogs at the moment. […]

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