I started a Wikipedia and SEO controversy

I started a Wikipedia and SEO controversy in December 2005.

I wrote an article about Matt Cutts of Google. I was amused by Philipp Lenssen’s fun interview and cited it as a reference. I posted a comment to let Matt know the article was there. This was the first-ever article I wrote from scratch.
Recently, the article was nominated for deletion. See the reactions there. In defense of Matt’s notability, search veteran Danny Sullivan wrote an open letter to the Wikipedia editors: Yes, Matt Cutts is notable. The discussions there point out some differences between SEO/blogger and Wikipedia culture.

I agree that the editor who recommended the article for deletion should have tagged it for  notability or lack of references. Perhaps I could have fixed this earlier before the debate grew.

What a way to highlight my plans of contributing more to Wikipedia!


One Response

  1. Well. Even Jason Kottke’s Wikipedia article itself has been nominated for deletion a few times, despite being more well-known than Matt Cutts. The thing is, *anybody* can nominate something for deletion. Usually, the good sense of the rest of the community prevails. So there is really nothing “notable” about something being nominated for deletion. It will only be notable if it was *actually* deleted.

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