Remembering the Internet in 1997

I have been interested in writing about Philippine Internet History from my personal perspective. I thought about writing what happened ten years ago.
I may have written things down in a paper journal – but even if I did, it’s lost by now. If only I thought about blogging back then. I think I had started a personal home page by 1997, but it was just work matters.

Things I remember:

I need to be proactive: make sure that in 2017, I know what happened in 2007.


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  1. I believe we were also able to get a little Beowulf Cluster up and running in that training lab. Ah yes the fun days of Philippine Internet.

  2. I had my very first e-mail address on August 6, 1997.

  3. I was still using Wordstar 4 (or 7) and have heard about e-mail and BBS but didn’t know what it was.

  4. […] I think by this time I’ve mastered Wordstar 4 or 7? I couldn’t remember which version now. Also at that time I’ve heard about electronic mail, while Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) have caught my fancy. Over at Migs Paraz’ recent blog entry, he already presented a paper on developing commercial Internet in the Philippines. […]

  5. I had my first PGP keys on Dec 3 of 1997 🙂

    We setup up SLIP at the office in PSPI (i.e. Sun Microsystems PH) so that we can connect at a moderately fast speed of 38.8 kbps, check e-mail using mailx and browse the ‘Net with lynx.

    I used Solaris 2.4 x86 (legit copy!) at home. I tried to dual-boot with MS Windoze NT4 SP3 and had a hell of a time installing until I gave up on it. Dual-booted with W95 instead.

    Compared to Solaris x86, Linux was primitive. (I think I tried with RH3, but can’t really remember. All I know there were no installation GUI’s then.)

    Check Point’s VPN-1/FireWall-1 v3.0b came out. Had about 10 installations of it, on Sun workstations.

    1997 was the year of discovering PKI and other cool VPN stuff for me. I remember being giddy with delight at not having to see passwords because my telnet connections were encrypted.

    Anybody remember Sun’s WABI v2.0 in 1997? It died because Sun was too busy & distracted as they waged wars against MS Windows and other commercial Unix vendors (didn’t notice Linux until it was too late!). WABI promised (read: as marketed by drones) what Linux’s Wine does now.

    Tried to get CERT PH going, but nobody was buying the concept –only idealistic geeks we all were. First project was to come up with an Internet map of PH constituents… even had a mailing list setup with advice freely given by AusCERT’s director, and even SKorea CERT. It really lost momentum because many of us left the country: like Alex Hipolito PhD, me, Neil Quiogue… the others simply got too busy with real work.

  6. I was already blogging and doing DIY social networking back in 1997. Too bad my web skills were nothing beyond HTML and FTP.

  7. Thanks for the collective reminiscing. I did not expect this!

  8. I would’ve suggested you put it all up in Wikipedia too, but they frown on original research. :/

  9. 1997 The year played Warcraft and Command and Conquer.

    Memorable Quotes from Warcraft Characters: Human and Orcs.
    “Your wish is my command!”
    “What is it?!”

    Command and Conquer Quotes:
    “I’m on it!”


  10. seav: I do have plans of writing Philippine Internet History for Wikipedia. There are some references lying around, but of course there’s general problem of Pinoy content being unverifiable.

    Anthony: I was playing C&C series too… though I think your quotes are from Tanya in Red Alert!

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