Goals and Resolutions

Never mind s.m.a.r.t. or other resolution-writing methodology. Let’s just divide them into:

Goals for this year: Save, invest, have a great career, resume writing open source software, write more essays and articles, learn new things in different fields, meet more people who do different things, make new friends.

Things to avoid: envy less (there goes Google envy, Mac envy… and other envies I won’t say here.)

Resolutions I never do: Eat less and better, exercise, lose weight! As usual. And since I never succeed in reducing my hours of sleep, sleep earlier.

These lists should grow through the weeks.


5 Responses

  1. Yuga envy? =D

  2. I only envy Yuga’s FeedBurner count. It’s not healthy to envy your friends!

  3. I envy Yuga’s Feedburner count too! I only have 15 … sad sad sad. A lot of people simply just browse by OR grab the feed from my main site (so i can’t count it in feedburner)… sad sad sad.

  4. My simple advice is to stay away from what everyone else is doing, from places where everyone else is going. Just do your own thing and be Migs Paraz.

  5. Thanks Anonymous, I’ll try to do that. But not completely, since I’m employed and have to follow the team direction.

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