Blog Resolutions for 2007

It’s that time (or that day) of the year, to make resolutions for the next year (tomorrow!)

Now for some doable goals and how I think I’m doing:

Post more often. This should be easier since I’ve relaxed my personal criteria on what can be posted here. But that won’t make me turn this into a “what I did today” type of blog.

Post better content. I have some post drafts that are waiting to be filled out. I think I’ll have some interesting stories for 2007, along with some autobiography. How much tech stuff I’ll post depends mostly on the stuff I do outside of work. I still won’t be posting work-related material here.

Increase feed subscribers. I know no tricks on how to get more people to read my feeds, but I want to catch up with Abe. I think that many people drop by but either don’t find my writing compelling, or they don’t know how to use feed readers. I suspect most Pinoy blog readers have yet to discover feeds.

Increase comments. Maybe I should ask more questions? This is also related to SEO: my blog should rank in queries where people are looking for something.

Not about blogging per se, but related. Generate Wikipedia content. I want to write complete articles, and fill up more sections. In the course of my research, both work and personal, I find that I need to add more to Wikipedia. I wrote a “novelty” article that is about an actual subject, but that doesn’t count. My Wikipedia user contributions are all minor edits.

How about you, what are your blogging plans for the year?


7 Responses

  1. what do you use to track traffic?

  2. I use Performancing Metrics, but with its controversial purchase by PayPerPost, I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it.

  3. Ditto on Wikipedia. But ever since I started working, my Wikipedia activity has slowed down to a crawl. =)

    Blogging? I’m exploring monetization avenues.

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  5. “How about you, what are your blogging plans for the year?”

    –Gonna post more too at ASTIGG.COM. I find this digg like site for Filipinos cool and engaging. More power to your blog!

    2007 here we go!

  6. seav, all the best to our monetization efforts!

    pranka, looks like you have another Pinoy Digg clone there… somebody should feature them all.

  7. […] What a way to highlight my plans of contributing more to Wikipedia! […]

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