My 2006 In Review

This is cliche’d but just right. I’ve been feeling negative the past few days. Now, to take a hint from Noemi’s Blessing Box post, what are the good stuff that happened to me this year?

In April, I got a new job at a promising new company. I have not blogged about my new employer. I plan to, at the proper time. It’s no secret who they are if you look around, but I haven’t stated it for the record.

I have a great team, for work and otherwise. We had a blast at our song/dance number at the group of companies’  Christmas party.
I traveled to new parts of the world for me: Israel and Germany. Being in Haifa at the beginning of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict was quite worrisome, though it was a new experience!
I went to Hong Kong thrice: two nights, then overnight, then a day trip.

I went back to mostly Java work. The great thing is it’s not the enterprise Java/J2EE that I find boring. It’s fairly low-level but mission critical telco stuff.
I spent my spare time on optimizing my blogs and ads. I wasn’t a problogger this year, and neither was I a SEO, but I tried to play one on the net.

I got to catch some blog and SEO events.

I got interested in a new “hobby” of sorts. Still getting started, but it should unfold in 2007.

Good stuff in my personal life and relationships.

And the bad? I won’t mention it here.


2 Responses

  1. I keep my own blessing box beside me at work just so I can actually hold it and be thankful.

  2. Perhaps I should do that. But, I don’t feel so bad anymore.

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