Blogging putting more Pinoy content online

An important point in Ka Edong’s interview: blogging is putting more Pinoy content online.

I would state it as: blogging + comments (conversation) is putting more content online. Sure, lots of blogs talking about a topic might obscure real content on web searches, but in the Philippines case it’s usually stuff that is never talked about in the first place.

Since the owners of the information never put up official sites for their stuff, their attention is lost to people who blog and comment about them.

Another thing to consider is the corporate interest of news sources. For five years, people have been visiting and trusting its brand. Now, with the INQUIRER-GMA7 split,  is there a chance for bloggers to take over as primary sources of news?


2 Responses

  1. blogging as a primary source of news? …

    hmmm …. not far-fetched, but it will take some time for the blogging posse to take-down inquirer as the single top pinoy website.

    who knows what the aggregate traffic of pinoy blogs would be? that number should be larger than inquirer’s traffic.

  2. It’s possible, especially with the long tail of old content – which benefits us at Pinoy Tech Blog!

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