S60 3rd Edition Envy

S60 3rd Edition Envy. Or, N73 envy. While the pink N70 is doing great, web browsing isn’t too great. No, it’s not the small screen. Opera Mobile is fine.

The problem is that Opera Mobile gags on pages that claim to be XHTML but are not. There are lots of those.

I don’t really need mobile browsing… it’s just the “want.”

At least GMail and Yahoo! Mail (care of Yahoo! Go) work.


2 Responses

  1. you have been getting too much envy lately …

  2. Yeah. The Mac can wait, for when I have more free time to play around with it.

    The N73… well the N73 is reported to have problems especially with the camera, so maybe it’s no great loss that I don’t have one!

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