Need a job in the Philippines? Join Brainbench

While I’m not looking for a job, recruiters keep on bugging me. Two recruiters from a certain local outsourcing company contacted me: one through the BrainBench “leave a business card,” and another through my cellphone. I verified that the call was also through BrainBench.

I didn’t really think of BrainBench as a job site. I posted my public transcript (#3437094) to “show off” what I have. Not that it means much?

It also helps (or hurts) that there is a Brainbench Philippines now. They tied up with some local recruitment firm.


3 Responses

  1. *That’s* probably why I got some calls, too? They wouldn’t say how they got my contact info. (Then again, I do keep my resume online.)

  2. Hey. You’re in demand.

  3. Is the end of the year, recruiter hunting season? No I personally am not in demand – I guess my resume just fits the skills they need.

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