Mac Envy

I’m having Mac envy.

More people are using Macs locally. Learning Mac OS X has been one of my goals for a time. No opportunity yet. Mac OS is supposed to be good for Java and Rails development.

Unfortunately, the stuff I work with need Windows. (I know you can run Windows on the Mac hardware but that’s not the real thing.)

So I couldn’t use a Macbook. A Mac Mini for the house perhaps? No, the cheap models are G4 and I don’t know how long Apple will support that CPU for future Mac OS versions. I heard it’s slow. Besides, I already have a desktop PC that’s mostly idle. I am putting off my PC upgrade plans for now.

Oh well, I’ll just wait for an upgrade of my office Dell Latitude to a Core 2 Duo version.


8 Responses

  1. Hook up with Nox ( I think he uses his shiny Macbook as a dev platform. BTW, cheap Mac Minis start at Php35K ( — runs on Core Duo. Shiny. 😀

  2. ah… one option would be to get a core 2 duo macbook and run bootcamp on it to dual boot with MS windows XP. then again this is a crufty way around.

  3. Funny, I should read your mac envy post now as I just got off commenting from J. angelo’s entry on simplicity. Because I just found out why i like the mac better than the PC now. It’s Simple.

  4. Yeah I’ll go for the Mini if ever. I have no use for a second, personal laptop since I’m on my office-issued one all the time. I’ll wait for that to be upgraded. The upgrade is a nice-to-have, not a must-have at the moment.

    I just got another reason to stay on Windows – the Blackberry Java Development Environment. Stuff for another post.

    I like complex computers, being a hacker (in mentality) and all. I just want to learn different UI and usage paradigms.

  5. migs is getting more mac envy. maybe after this week’s microwarehouse sale, you could not resist!

  6. I will just wait for the Core 2 Mini with the Leopard Mac OS X. Perhaps it will be out at the time of my birthday.

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  8. […] Will Steve Jobs’ latest hit solve both my Mac envy and future phone requirements? Mac OS Mobile – Mac OS for the “masses?” So there’s iPhone, the N95, the RAZR-looking N76… new phones never stop coming, maybe I should get cheap ones instead. […]

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