Reminiscing: Philippine Web Awards

Pinoy Tech Blog is in the Philippine Web Awards finals.

Ultimate Problogger Abe will be in Jakarta for more blogging work travel.

So I’m representing him.

Philippine Web Award Ticket and Letter

This will be my third Philippine Web Awards. My first as a contestant.

If it weren’t for a blogging a category, I would have no hope of being in the competition. I am not a web designer.

My first time to judge was in 1999. I joined Joey Mead in presenting an award. Backstage, she asked me if I had presented an award before. I replied: it was my first time. When we went onstage, we didn’t follow the script. She kidded me – in front of the entire audience – that she “devirginized me,” as far as stage exposure is concerned!

I helped fix the online voting for that year. It was purely by email and was very fraudulent.

There was a picture online, but it got lost in the reorg of the PWA site.

I judged a second time in 2002. This year I remember failing an e-commerce site that crashed under test.


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