N70 Music Edition – Broken Camera

The N70 Music Edition developed a problem. The camera exits a few seconds after launching it, whether the front or back cameras are used. I brought it to the Nokia Store in Glorietta 3, run by Memo Express. They said it was a physical problem, which I thought it was odd. I decided to come back since I’d have to leave it.

I went back and they said that it was just the battery cover. They had no replacement at hand so I should check back in Memo Express Mall of Asia where I bought it. Fortunately I have a spare N70 housing replaced from the other unit. I’ll go back for the replacement some other time.
I noticed that the black camera slide is starting to discolor into deep purple.

N70 Music Edition Back

Picture saving is slow. Is it because it saves it to the RS-MMC card? Perhaps they should buffer it in memory first then save in the background.


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  1. my mobile phone is new nokia N70 music edition,Its nice mobile but ihave big problem _ my phone dont save any missed calls,recived calls,dialled numbers _ pls iwant help

  2. Hi Mohamed,
    I’m sorry that seems like a serious problem with your firmware. I hope you have warranty on your unit since it needs to be fixed by an authorized service center.

  3. may i know how much you bought it for?

  4. Since I bought it at a shop, Memo Express, I paid the Philippines SRP. PhP 19,800 if I recall correctly.

  5. can you tell met the problems that you noticed… like does it freeze alot…..

  6. The N70 Music Edition, by itself, has no problem. I think the problem is with the 1 GB memory card. I swapped cards with a regular N70, which I am using now.

    The regular N70 + memory card feels slow when taking pictures and saving. Otherwise, operation is OK.

  7. i had similar problem of logs not recording any calls. I restarted the phone and all is well.

  8. hey every1………
    i jz bought d N70 MUSIC EDITION WITH 1GB CARD

  9. I have the same problem with my phone not logging calls (missed, dialled, received) but my phone also won’t charge properly. It continually charges for a short time and then says “not charging” and stops. I’ve taken it in to Nokia for repair several times and still have the problem. Any ideas?

  10. Hi all,

    I have bought a new Nokia 70 Music Edition two months ago. I noticed that my phone always reboot by himself many times. I have updated my Nokia with the latest version software from PC Suite.
    I also have sent my Nokia into the Reparation office since I have still my garanty. Unfortunately, till now the problems are still exist.

    Please anybody could help me?
    Thank You all.


  11. Hi to all,I need some solution regarding N 70 Music edition.It is slow!!so how can i make it fast wihout any sacrifices. Is it new update of firmware works?? RM-84??
    plz do support me.

  12. My new Nokia N70 Music Edition does not start the camera application when back slide open
    It must be opened manually from the menu or by the shutter key
    what is the problem?

  13. hi..i need some solution about nokia n70
    music edition.it is slow?how can i make it fast?

  14. I don’t think the slow N70 has a solution. It seems the processor is not fast enough to handle S60.

  15. hi all..

    im going 2 buy n70 music edition … so before buyin i juz wanted 2 check sites abt it… since i saw ur cmmnts… im really shocked .. does n70 music edition has all these probz… well i love the fone… plz do reply or mail me @ munir_4049@hotmail.com weathr shd i buy it or not… n i thng more… which the best fone n70 or n72 music edition hope u’ll reply…


  16. I have the same problem that Nizar have…My N70 Music Edition reboot by himself many times…Can you help me?!I buy it since one month, and he have this problem…I’m going crazy…

    Help me…


  17. can u any knew how to mute the sound of camera clicking. is there any alternate solution????

  18. im having the same problem as in the description and i have no idea what to dow ith the phone now if the camera wont work for more then a few seconds HELP

  19. Hi,
    I bought Nokia N70 ME.My problem is when I open gallery it takes more time.aND THE PHONE ALSO VERY SLOW.What to do??
    I’m going crazy.

    Please inform me to my mail id soon.My id:kuntalds@gmail.com

  20. Hi all!!! I should have read these comments first before buying my n70 music edition. When I create a text msg, the screen flickers with a 2mm vertical white bar and when i get long test msg, and when i read and scroll down, bar becomes bigger! How sad even the nokia service center couldnt fix it they rplaced the LCD and still the same and told me all n70 are like that! I ended up selling it for a cheap price! I’ll never buy N series again!

  21. hi everybody.i’m really chocked with all tis problems that the n70 music edition have.i’m so sad and i don’t now what to do.last day i bought the N70 ME but i’m surprised and chocked because it have many problems with sounds it not sing when i select a song and when so call me it not sing also.please help me if you can.thanks in advance.contact me with my mail molka.chaouch@voila.fr

  22. Basically, the N70 is a hunk of utter crap. I’ve had three ‘inferior’ phones before this one. All of them had better reception, faster functionality and fewer problems than this one.

    I just now lost a lucrative sale because my phone did not record the number of the individual that phoned… something I now see is a common glitch. While I can hear my customers when they call, they say my voice is breaking up, and that they can’t hear a thing I’m saying.

    God, I hate this phone. I think I’m going to toss it in the garbage.

  23. I just bought a nokia N70 music edition 2days ago (Feb 2, 2008) when I noticed that it was too slow reacting to certain command. I just downloaded 100mb MP files and after reading all your concerns with N70 music edition, am quite alarmed that the problem is not an isolated case. It seems the problem exists also with the recently bought N70. How can I address the problem? Should I return the phone which I bought in SM Apliances (North EDSA)or replace it with a new one instead?

  24. save all downloads n everthing to yous mmc and clear your phone memory, use 512mb to 256mb mmc to avoid hangin n freezin…

  25. i have problem with n7o nokia ,gallery is not opening and sometimes problem came that miss calls is not showing
    but i need solution with formating
    plzzzzzzzzzzz i think this problem also solve without formating or ressting the cellphone

    somebody says that it is solving to install some system file of that mobile
    so if someone knowns tht there is any such type of file so plz give me the name……

  26. The nokia n70 ME is the worst phone ever made, it has many issues!! it is slow, it keeps freezing !! i bought it two weeks ago and i threw it in the garbage..! now i’m using the nokia 5800 xpress music..! it’s the best

  27. if u ve got ne prob wit ur phone u can simply
    1restore factory setting
    format phone *#7370#
    or wen ur phone is strtin keep * 3 green keys pressed until it restarts automatically

    whole of ur phone is formated.

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