PC Upgrade Plans

I’m planning to upgrade my old PC which is now the “family computer.” This is already four years old, but still working well. However, the Duron 1.1 Ghz can’t keep up with multitasking office use and Azureus and other P2P programs running in the background.

The Conroe platform is too expensive and needs a discrete video card for decent 3D (Intel onboard graphics doesn’t count!) And since the original is AMD, the replacement should also be AMD… perhaps.

Athlon64 Socket 940 X2 3600+ 2 Ghz – 7xxx. X-Bit labs review says it’s worth it and energy efficient too – a winner for me.

PQI DDR2-667 1GB – 5xxx. I’ve been using PQI all the time, no problems so no need to go for the real “branded” ones.

One of the GeForce 6100/6150 + nForce 4xx Micro-ATX boards with onboard GeForce 6-class video – from 4xxx. to 5xxx. This is sufficient since we only do light gaming. With this, I should be able to play Company of Heroes on the LAN! These are analog video output only, which is fine since I won’t replace the analog monitor. (Sylvania L152 15″ LCD)

Micro ATX casing, PSU, cooling. 4,000 max.

Oops almost forgot: 250 GB Seagate SATA  4,xxx. The 40GB on the old machine is already full. At 4 years old it’s still going strong,  whew!
What do you think?


5 Responses

  1. I’m pretty happy with my 6100. The processor seems excessive though for the use case.

  2. I want this rig to last four more years!

    And, I think this proc is the best bang for the buck. From the Rising Sun price list, Sempron 3000+ is 3,000 and Athlon64 3000+ is 4,200. Not a big savings.

    More opinions please?

  3. Oh. In that case go for the X2.

    Would the casing support more disks? I imagine the disk would be filled up soon. Or do you just move them out to optical media or something?

  4. I’ll get something like my current Asus Micro ATX case. It can hold two hard drives and two optical.

    Speaking of optical, I’ll keep the current DVD reader. I already have a writer on my PC.

  5. […] Unfortunately, the stuff I work with need Windows. (I know you can run Windows on the Mac hardware but that’s not the real thing.) So I couldn’t use a Macbook. A Mac Mini for the house perhaps? No, the cheap models are G4 and I don’t know how long Apple will support that CPU for future Mac OS versions. I heard it’s slow. Besides, I already have a desktop PC that’s mostly idle. I am putting off my PC upgrade plans for now. Oh well, I’ll just wait for an upgrade of my office Dell Latitude to a Core 2 Duo version. […]

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