The Story of My Work Life

I updated my resume on LinkedIn and added a badge to this blog, linking to Miguel Paraz’s profile in LinkedIn.

I was asked at work to update my resume. LinkedIn makes it easier. I had one earlier, but it was not complete. Now I filled in the details of my 11 years at work. (Compared to some of the people I work with, I am really old!)

I’ll try to write about these work experiences here in my autobiography. Where would you like me to begin?


2 Responses

  1. Wow! Cool profile!

    ‘Really old’? Ouch. I know what you mean. I started working at around the same time as you, though my career never started as ‘glamorously’ as yours. Heh.

  2. Thanks. It does show that I’m not a stable “corporate man” though!

    Really old! We have “exchange gifts” today and my “daughter” is fresh out of college, I think.

    Glamorous? Nah, that was just a lot of hard work.

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