Photography? Only phonecams for me.

I came from Noemi’s Canon Powershot A710 IS post, where I noted that camera phones were good enough for me. She pointed out the big advantage when just using even a “point and shoot cam.” But the big disadvantage for me is that I only take pics for spur of the moment things. I can’t be carrying a camera around. And I don’t have the skills.

I could probably develop the skills if I had the interest. But I don’t have the interest right now – I’m happy looking at pretty pics. And even if I had the interest, I don’t have the time and the budget to pursue it.

The N70 I’m using now is the second most popular on the new Flickr Camera Finder. The K750i is on top – I think this was the first phone developed and marketed for photography. The N73 is catching up. It’s marketed for Flickr support but Nokia left out WiFi support which should help with Flickr. My N70 has Flickr support too – Send/Web Upload after taking a shot. It can’t upload at full size, probably due to 3G network timeouts? I need to investigate further.
It’s a good thing I’m still accepted in the tech blogging crowd, even if I don’t fit Jayvee’s band of blogging criteria: the top probloggers such as Abe, Connie and Markku are photographers too.


5 Responses

  1. anyone is welcome to join the band of bloggers!!! 😀

  2. Migs, basta sama ka lang next time! Just be sure to have your wallet ready. Hehehe.

  3. I’m glad to know I’m welcome!

  4. […] For the N73 imaging/autofocus temptation – I think my shots (in Flickr) are good enough for my phonecam photography. Especially in the daytime. […]

  5. Uy, ibuklod ang mga phonecam photography! 😀

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