Media Temple GridServer Outage

So much for their claims and the hype… My GridServer was down – connection refused on this server.
Even the “account center” control panel was down – TCP connection to port 443 timed out. Then, TCP is up but no SSL connection. Port 80 is OK. Server load or switch issue?

Could it be because my account is one month old? I haven’t received an email bill or receipt.

This is really an experimental web hosting system. “The storage system did it.” According to the advisory (which can’t be viewed outside of the Account Center):

Customers on the Grid Server may be experiencing problems with accessing their websites, mail, FTP and their Account Center. Our systems engineers are currently working with Blue Arc to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

When I was able to login, I found I had a pending bill in the Account Center but it was not emailed. I’ll pay it now, but I’ll see another month if this is worth $20.


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  1. Interesting. I purchased hosting from MediaTemple last week but got denied because I input the wrong credit card info. Must be a blessing in disguise otherwise I’ll rant for moving to their hosting. Looking forward to more updates from you about MediaTemple. I’m planning to go on with them starting next month but I’ll wait and see if they’re really worth it.

  2. Teething issues aren’t exactly rare when moving to a whole new system and (mt) have indeed move into something altogether new.

    A combination of demand and learning where good ‘load’ drops to bad will be all part-and-parcel of the transition.

    Up until about a week ago the product had been pretty much rock stable. They’ll get it under control in reasonably short time.

  3. we’re running on the same IP but i did not experience the SSL problem. i did get to experience the MySQL problem awhile back though. everything seems to be dandy lately.

  4. I hope it stays dandy! Check Brian’s posts/comments, my sql is back, for more of my notes on this outage.

  5. I plan to activate my account with them and also move my site this weekend. :cross my fingers: Hopefully the switch will turn out fine LOL. Do you think (mt) is still a good hosting choice?

  6. I personally don’t think it’s a great choice. I develop web sites for my regular paying job as well as some projects on the side. I have 3 sites at MediaTemple now and I’m moving all of them somewhere else before the week’s end.

    I’ve had all 3 accounts for at least a month, and the problems are pretty severe. Granted, I’m not running anything “mission critical” but for what I’m paying, I can get better uptime somewhere else.

    My GridServer’s have been riddled with problems since I got them. Intermittent MySQL connection issues, sluggish performance, crashes, Urchin stats that are completely zeroed out for a period of 2 weeks (1 of my GS’s still has not resolved this.), timeouts on trying to use ActiveMailer to send e-mails, and more.

    On the positive note: their support is excellent and swift. Most of the time when the site(s) crash, it’s down for a few minutes then back up again. Their control panel is user friendly and easy to use. When the site IS up and running, it runs nicely.

    But when it goes down, I think I find out before my clients do and I just can’t take anymore yelling and screaming phone calls. MT is having some major issues, and they just aren’t getting them resolved quickly enough.

  7. Thanks for sharing your (mt) experiences Sean. Unfortunately, I just emailed (mt) on Saturday that I’m activating my account with them. Now I’m having second thoughts whether I’d actually move my sites to them. I’m moving because similar to (mt), my current host is good when the site’s up but when it’s down I have to contact them all the time before they’d start solving the problem and at times it takes them a day to solve it. I’ll probably give (mt) 1-2 months trial before deciding whether to stick with them or not.

  8. (mt) seems back to normal for me. Whew.

  9. […] After suffering through Media Temple GridServer outages, I thought things were normal in the weeks after that. A few days ago, I got a WordPress error saying that it could not connect to MySQL. OK, it happens. […]

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