Outsourcing Yourself to the Philippines

From Abe’s blog, David Dennis commented. I remember him from inet-access (Internet Access mailing list) of the olden days. He wants to work on his Internet business from here. I remembered an earlier thread from Kevin Burton, the latest post: Startups Should Eat and Party Like Kings. He worked on TailRank from Phuket.

I’m sure Thailand is ahead of the Philippines in many aspects – especially in tourism development – but I think we are better off if the principal needs to outsource the work or hire direct. I know of a number of folks  from abroad who started businesses here.


2 Responses

  1. I am sorry to tell you but Thailand is better of in everyway than the Philippines.
    For many reasons I know many businesses that did start in the Philippines but have moved out to Thailand.
    The reasons are the slow unreliable internet is one of the biggest, also the fact that even though there is more Filipino’s that speak English than there is in Thailand but the problem is Filipinos do seem to insist on talking slang American English with many believing it is the correct English even some insisting that the English language comes from America, The problem is American English is looked down on in the international business world.
    Another Problem is the persistent name calling at westerners I guess its funny for them to shout it but it is driving people away to invest money elsewhere.
    I have lived in the Philippines for the last 2 years and spent that time trying to get people to invest here it makes it very hard as we walk down the street looking at property for them to set up a business in and they turn to me and say do you get this shouting names at you all the time and I have to admit to them it is non-stop and something you live with in The Philippines most of them say sorry but they don’t want racist shouts at them everyday and decide not to invest.
    The sad thing is they are all things that could be corrected very easily and the whole country would be richer.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Paul. Food for thought.

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