LinkedIn Philippines

No, there is no LinkedIn Philippines.

Why are there few Filipino users in LinkedIn? Is it because Pinoys prefer the fun social networks, or, the influential and connected people who should be on LinkedIn aren’t there (or even on the Internet at all?) Or it is because you need to pay to get full access?

I got the thought from Abe’s post on: Control your destiny on Search Engines.

I would also like to hire through the LinkedIn network, sometime.


9 Responses

  1. Philippine BPO slaves tell me they’re ashamed to put their resumes on LinkedIn.

  2. Come to think of it, many people would not want to show their resume. But they can control what they show.

    And why did you come up with “BPO Slaves?”

  3. They call themselves slaves.

  4. Why should BPO work be “slavery”? Majority of jobs around the world are actually more slave-like than BPO work. I find it disappointing that Filipino BPO folk belittle themselves too much.

    Heck, I have seen US, Indian and Chinese resumes that are “proud” of spending 10 or more years in jobs like call customer representatives or telemarketers. What is wrong with that? Nothing. It’s a decent living.

    Or maybe we don’t belittle ourselves. Maybe we are just too entitled. Let us not fall into the folly of most first world employees. If we get too entitled then our jobs will be outsourced to other countries. New candidates are Bangladesh and Malaysia.

    In the end, just make the most out of your situation and be the best you can be. Just keep on eye out for opportunities.

  5. Hey, I’m in the BPO industry, but I don’t get to consider myself a slave. 😉 I guess we have to get over the “call-center-agents-are-no-brainer-jobs” mentality. *shrugs*

    Is there a stigma (for prospective employers) — allergic reaction, perhaps? — when they see terms like “contact center” and “technical support” in candidates’ resumes?

  6. No stigma for me. I think Mike is drawing a conclusion from a small sample.

  7. Yes, a battle-hardened sample: the top agents of the Philippines’ top call center.

  8. That’s still a small sample. Besides, they are not the only Friendster/social network users. More Pinoy professionals could benefit from joining LinkedIn.

    I updated my LinkedIn resume and put the badge on this blog.

  9. […] I updated my resume on LinkedIn and added a badge to this blog, linking to Miguel Paraz’s profile in LinkedIn. […]

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