Exist Goes Global

I joined the invitation through Abe Olandres to attend the Exist launch/presscon.

I finally got to meet the chairman, Winston Damarillo, who read my old blog post. I pointed out the Filipino Connection of his previous company, Gluecode Software, sold to IBM. This did not come out in the press.
He had an interesting talk/discussion about outsourcing/offshoring to the Philippines, developing the local talent pool, and the topic of the launch: growing global.

He had an open forum with Jerry Rapes, his GM; Eric Manlunas, a Fil-Am venture capitalist; and Steve Nathan and Chuck Ames, his partners and investors.

We also chatted about open source Java and the other tech companies in his venture portfolio.
Now, we’re having a small blogger meetup at Starbucks Shangri-La: Abe, Noel and Gail.


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  1. […] We got some Press Kit and a couple of giveaways but I can’t blog about it because I wasn’t able to make it during the formal talk. Migs wrote something here though. And we had some chat with them about their corporate blog and a few more. I think they’re the first Filipino company to have a corporate blog. […]

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