SugarCRM on Solaris/Apache/MySQL

SugarCRM 4.5.0f on Solaris 10 update2, x86 + MySQL. It should not change much for SPARC.

  1. Follow the BigAdmin SAMP Feature Article. I added cURL support, “–with-curl=/opt/csw” on the configure command line. This needs the curl Blastwave package. I had to edit interface.c, replace the removed CURLOPT_FTPASCII with CURLOPT_TRANSFERTEXT, and remove the CURLOPT_PASSWDFUNCTION which I don’t think will be used in PHP. I did some  searches and read that these functions have long been deprecated.
  2. Note that the httpd.conf configuration of “Group #-1” does not work with Solaris. httpd will crash right away. I changed this to “Group nobody” – shouldn’t this be the default?
  3. Set the session save path. I created a hierarchy /var/apache2/tmp/php-session for this. If not set, SugarCRM will complain about it later.
  4. Install the JSON extension,version 1.1.1 which will optimize SugarCRM. I manually downloaded and ran phpize, configure and make install. pecl wants to install the current 1.2.1 and refuses a version override, “pecl install json-1.1.1”.
  5. Run the web-based installer. According to the SugarCRM Supported platforms, PHP 5.1.4 is supported but the installer code is not updated and claims it’s unsupported.

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