My OpenSolaris, not off to a good start

The Sun announcement about open source Java really got me excited about running a full Sun-developed open source stack.

I got Solaris Express Community Edition “nevada” b52. I tried it in the office VMware. Hangs at 100% of “the system is being initialized, please wait…”. Tried it at home, in VMWare under Ubuntu. Same thing. VMWare uses around 20% CPU on my Celeron D 320 (2.4 Ghz/256 KB L2/533 Mhz FSB). The VMWare logs have no indication of problems.

I then tried a custom kickstart at the first choice. This time, it hung even before starting the installation! It must be something peculiar about VMware. I could try it under my native hardware, but I won’t be able to hack with it much that way.
Maybe I should stick to my “SAMP” work under Solaris. My first SAMP stack project is SugarCRM. I might try it with Oracle to learn PHP support for that enterprise database. For that shiny new software feeling, instead of going for Sol Express, I’ll wait a little bit for Solaris 10 Update 3 (11/06).


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  1. im having the same problem. solaris 10 x86 install hanging at “the system is being initialized”.

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