Solaris Happenings

I just wanted to write what I’m doing with Solaris. Nothing really new, and nothing worth writing a full article about yet.

  • Developing training material, especially for those sysadmins coming from a Linux background.
  • Trying out OpenSolaris and related tools. I find user-generated documentation, separate from the Sun manuals, are coming more and more from the OpenSolaris community. I downloaded the Solaris Express zips – but found out later that I got the SPARC versions, and the non-Community edition. I started downloading again. Sun should have torrents.
  • Trying out the “SAMP” stack – Solaris/Apache/MySQL/Perl – with applications. This is a bit hard because the pieces aren’t well integrated together in precompiled packages. There’s the Sun CoolStack distribution, but the x86 version is 64-bit. I can’t run Solaris 64-bit because I don’t have a VT-capable processor which is necessary for 64-bit guests under VMWare. The Blastwave distribution doesn’t integrate PHP with Apache (as far as I can see). For now I need to follow those instructions that compile from source.

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