Home Solaris now Networked

Thanks to the Free NIC drivers for Solaris page, I got the vfe driver working for the VIA Rhine III onboard Ethernet. I followed the instructions, and tried loading the precompiled drivers first. No go. I recompiled them and it worked.

I found out that Solaris 10 now ships with gcc and gmake, as well as other Sun Freeware, in /usr/sfw.

I enabled DNS by replacing /etc/nsswitch.conf with /etc/nsswitch.dns. I selected “no naming system” on installation.

I was able to register the system using my Sun login. It’s now downloading the free security updates.


One Response

  1. Interesting log on your Solaris adventure. I just remembered I still have a copy of Solaris at home that I haven’t really touched. I should dive into it one of these days.

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