Ubuntu and Solaris Setup, part 3

According to the webpage about setting up drivers for the VIA Rhine III Ethernet driver for Solaris 10 x86, I need to compile the driver source code. I figured that this would be easier to do under a VMWare Setup in Ubuntu, since at least there I have the emulated pcn0 (AMD PCnet) adapter for downloading. Once the header is compiled, I could copy it to my FAT32 partition, which could be mounted by my physical Solaris installation.
So I fixed my Ubuntu setup. For some reason, X just wanted to use 1024×768. This looks fuzzy on my LCD which is 1280×1024 native. I installed the NVidia binary driver, which needed the libc headers to compile. Since I downloaded a DVD, I used apt-cdrom to setup apt to read from the DVD. After this, the resolution was still bad so I used dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to setup xorg.conf for 1280×1024.

Then I installed VMWare. I installed mounted the “CD-ROM” as the physical DVD drive. I thought that this would be faster than reading from a file and installing into the same physical hard drive. It looks like it’s the same speed or slower – perhaps due to drive emulation? I’m out of time for now, so I’ll suspend VMWare. I hope it restores the installation procedure properly.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Migs,

    here are a couple of links in case you ditch VMWare in favor of Xen.




    Vic Reyes

  2. I tried Xen on Fedora Core 6 but the guest installation was too slow. I also found lots of issues on the fedora-xen-list. So I’m putting that aside for now.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that Migs. I hope that the RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 won’t have these problems with Xen next year.

    Will let you know if anything turns up on the RH end 🙂

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