Coding Rut, OS Hacking

I’ve been in a coding rut. My work project with Java code has been done with weeks. I always thought before that if I had free time, I’d go hack on some open source project. I don’t feel like it anymore.

Instead, I’ve been hacking on OS configurations. Today I solved a problem I had with Solaris 10 Update 2. Well, I didn’t really solve it, it just went away. After running the update manager, the login manager (gdm, dtlogin etc.) wouldn’t start. It was just a blue background screen. At least by facing this problem I learned more about the Solaris X system.

For the learning Solaris installation, first I thought I’d replace FC6 in the extended partition with Ubuntu, then install Solaris in the primary partition. Then I realized, having a physical Solaris won’t help that much. I wouldn’t want to login and use it since it’s not as “pretty” as Ubuntu. So, I’ll just keep it in a VMWare VM. As a bonus, I’ll get to try VMWare Server under Ubuntu.
Now I’m looking for a project for Solaris. A SAMP one? (Solaris Apache MySQL PHP). Or maybe some open source Java.


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