Learning Solaris

I’ve been learning studying Solaris since 2004. Now, I’m going more into system administration. For the past few weeks, I’ve been running Solaris in a VMWare virtual machine at work. I’ve installed Oracle on it.

Tonight, I tried installing it on physical hardware. My home PC. I burned Solaris 10 Update 2 x86 32-bit on a generic CDR-King “Ladybug” disc. Verified successfully. I planned to replace my Fedora Core 6 installation, which didn’t turn out too well. Xen doesn’t run to my satisfaction, and has still has issues according to the mailing list.

Solaris did not install. It did not like the Linux partition table already present. It also did not open the extended partition where the FC6 resides. I guess it wants to install on a fresh hard drive. I might need to stick to VMWare for now.


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  1. […] For the learning Solaris installation, first I thought I’d replace FC6 in the extended partition with Ubuntu, then install Solaris in the primary partition. Then I realized, having a physical Solaris won’t help that much. I wouldn’t want to login and use it since it’s not as “pretty” as Ubuntu. So, I’ll just keep it in a VMWare VM. As a bonus, I’ll get to try VMWare Server under Ubuntu. Now I’m looking for a project for Solaris. A SAMP one? (Solaris Apache MySQL PHP). Or maybe some open source Java. […]

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