Those IPhil Days

At the SEO Philippines event, some of the people knew me from my Internet days. Just today, I bumped into a former coworker.  These remind me: I need to write about my IPhil days.

IPhil was an Internet service provider (plus some other businesses) that I helped run. We started on it in 1994, it launched in 1995, and I was working on it in different forms until 2002. Is it still running today? I can’t really say and I no longer know the full story.
I’m not that old yet. But if this chapter of my life and career is really behind me, then it’s time to write my memoirs.


5 Responses

  1. There are only two companies in the Philippines that I will never forget my work expreriences: iPhil and The Manila Times. Really good memories that makes me smile every now and then.

  2. That is touching. Thanks!

  3. Practically the reason why I jumped into the Linux bandwagon: when I was with Eiger Consulting, iPhil’s Migs Paraz repaired/recoded a dialup usage Perl script, from scratch!

    Simply awesome, man. Thanks, Migs!

  4. Jon,
    Thanks for the testimonial. Ah yes those days when the Philippine Internet was a frontier…

  5. […] got to chat with his dad, my colleague in the old days. The dad invested the money but Luke did the work. No […]

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