SEO Philippines Beercon 2006!

SEO Philippines Beercon 2006 at Jill’s, the Fort. I was there from a little past 7pm to 2am+.

First, the raffle for the Isulong SEOPH contest. Maan Tolentino of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society drew the winning ranking from the tambiolo (pumpkins!). The winner at this position, if verified, wins an iPod. 7 more to follow.

Next, the succeeding contest. Marc announced the next keyword. I won’t mention it here: wait for the official announcement.

Finally, the Google Country Consultant talk. Aileen Apolo introduced herself and what Google will do in the Philippines. A notable part was promoting the Google Advertising Professionals program. I was the first to answer her little quiz about Google products – I got “Gmail” – so  I should get a Google T-shirt. But she hasn’t received the delivery, so we had to settle for token chocolates.
Then of course the small talk and other things that happens behind the scenes and don’t go online.

The Jill’s finger food was good. I had beer, tequila, and gin. Thanks to the sponsor, Lakeside Technologies!
Hello to the bloggers I finally met: Noel, Jayvee, Rico, Erwin, Sorsi. Apologies to anyone I missed. Hi to Grace – you should blog! Hi again to Anton, Monica and of course Abe.


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  1. Migs, great seeing you again! Tambay na tayo sa Starbucks Lee Gardens!

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