The Blog Change

In my previous post, people were thinking about starting over.

First of all, my old blog is still around. I did not delete it. You can still find it if you search for it.

The next reason is I was confused about monetization. I wanted to monetize my blog and that made it look ugly. I’m still keeping it around for that purpose – in fact I even made it all out and took out my attempts to make it less obvious. Now, if I want to monetize content, I’ll build a new site for it. Not here.

Next is I want to post more personal stories, experiences and opinions. Or try. I haven’t been good in blogging about my life and what happens, since I hold back. One reason about holding back is that it hurts monetization. With that gone, I should be
better in doing this.
Next is the blog name. I now find the old name now corny. I can’t think of a better one, so I name this blog after myself. I hope you don’t find me narcissistic, but it’s just practical.
Next is my name. I decided I want to use my real name, “Miguel” for my blog. People can still call me “Migs” of course, but I wanted my blog nom de plume to be more formal.
The final reason is that I’m on a different hosting service. I’m using the Media Temple Grid Server for this blog. I’m keeping the old blog and other domains at the original host.


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